Binding Love Spells

Binding Love Spells

Binding love spells

Love can truly make us do crazy things- including casting a binding love spell on our crush just to keep them in our lives. However, this is an extremely common practice for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be in relationships. And that’s okay! Sometimes we just need some magic to help us achieve what we know we’re destined to have. Binding love spells can help you finally be happy, confident and in control of your own fate. There are many different binding love spells that can be effective- those that use candles photos, those found online and even those that are free!

Binding love spells with photos that work fast  

If you want to cast an extremely strong love spell, props can be very helpful. Binding love spells with photos that work fast can completely change your life! Here is an example of a simple spell of this kind:


Get a picture of yourself and one of the person who you want to fall in love with you. On a pink candle, carve both of your names using a toothpick. Light the candle and repeat this chant three times: “Stepitali Melutasi Rabubo Ro Ro (name of the person) Stepitali Melutasi Rabubo Balika Ro Ro (your name) Hambuta Salika Te Te.” Then write both of your names on a piece of paper and pour the hot wax from the candle over the names until they are completely obscured. Lastly, use the paper to wrap the pictures of you and your soon-to-be lover and tie it tightly. Meditate, holding the paper, by the candle until it burns out. Then you should place the paper underneath your pillow for a full week before finally burning the package and discarding of the ashes.

Binding love spells with candles 

 Candles are arguably the most common prop to use for love spells. Binding love spells with candles are made especially strong because candles can be used as a way to increase the power of the positive energy used in the spell. The best candles to use are always virgin candles in the colors red or pink.

voodoo love spells  

Those unfamiliar with magic are all too quick to ask, “Binding love spell- do they work?” If binding love spell didn’t work, there wouldn’t be nearly as many happy couples out there. Did you really think that everyone in a happy relationship found their lover naturally? Magic plays a bigger role in interpersonal relationships than you may want to admit. Clearly, binding love spells are effective- but will they work for you? No spell is guaranteed to work exactly how you envisioned- unless you hire an experienced spell caster and obey every order and direction they give.

Binding love spells free  

Many people are on the hunt for binding love spell free from charge. Luckily, there are generous spell casters who offer their powerful binding love spell free of charge. While many spell casters will charge for consultations, if you look hard enough, you will be able to find spell casters who will help you out of the generosity in their hearts; these spell casters are most often found online. Free binding love spells can be just as effective as those that cost an arm and a leg! Don’t let money be the deciding factor behind whether or not you find true love. 

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