Healing Spells

Healing Spells

Healing spells   

Healing spells can be some of the best to perform. They are always performed with good intentions, clear consciences and love-filled hearts. The most effective spells are the ones that use positive energy and spiritual forces to bring about change for good. Healing spells can be used for anything from a paper cut to a serious, chronic illness. Regardless of the reason for the spell being cast, healing spell are very strong and resilient. They can banish even the biggest of illnesses or ailments- so long as the spell is performed correctly and with faith.

Healing spells dark souls

Something that I’ve been asked before as a spell caster is “What about healing spells dark souls?” Healing spells can truly work for anyone. Maybe the person who you would like to heal doesn’t have a physical ailment, but is a dark and twisted person. Healing spells can work on them, too! Even the darkest of souls can find the light when aided by a powerful healing spell.

Healing spells that work

If you or someone that you know is injured, you’re most likely looking for healing spell that work. Unfortunately, there are healing spell that don’t work, which is why it’s so important to do your research and consult an experienced spell caster, like myself. However, there are also so many healing spell that work. An effective healing spell can completely change your world around!

Healing spells and rituals

When it comes to healing spell and rituals, there are so many. Between voodoo, white magic, witchcraft, traditional healers- there are several kinds of magic that all have their own versions of healing spell. And the amazing this is that there is no one right or wrong healing spell or ritual. Here are is a healing spells and ritual that could work for you:

A voodoo healing spell

Create a voodoo doll in the image of the person who you would like to heal. Blow air into the nose and mouth of the doll and baptize the doll, which connects it to the living person, by repeating the living person’s name three times. Then, use the power of visualisation to transfer the disease or illness in the living person into the doll. Lastly, you must ensure that the disease stays in the doll by striking a pin in the doll in the area that the disease originated in the living person. After the ritual, you can either bury the doll or send it away in a body of moving water.

Healing spells black magic  

Although not traditionally associated with black magic, there are black magic healing spell that exist. Sometimes it can be helpful to use black magic for healing spells, as black magic harvests dark and negative energy, because the dark energy used in the spell can banish the dark energy causing the illness or ailment.

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