Money Spell Caster

Money Spell Caster

Money spell caster spells to hold money in the home or business and decrease losses through over-spending, unexpected charges or damage to equipment, or heavy tax burdens are called money stay with me spells. The typical money stays with me spell involves the root worker setting a long-term financial goal for the client, and then working at the altar on the client’s behalf during the entire term of the work. Such spells may be performed on a one-time basis or contracted for an ongoing period of several months by employment of a long-burning money lamp. During the money stay with me spell-casting rite, the root worker may bless coins and paper currency and send them to the client to carry; set vigil lights on the client’s behalf; or prescribe herbs, roots, curios, oils, incense, crystal salts, or powders for the client. The conjure doctor may instruct the client to set these spiritual supplies around the premises, carry them in a majo bag, employ them as bath or laundry additives, or keep them on an altar.

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