Spell to hurt someone

Spell to hurt someone

Spell to hurt someone

Spell to hurt someone ” If you believe in the saying “an eye for an eye,” then you are likely someone who believes in revenge. When someone hurts you, it can be hard to find ways to get back at them. However, a spell to hurt someone could do the trick. While these spells can be dangerous, trained spell caster can perform them with ease.Spell to hurt someone

Magic can be used for any reason under the sun– for good, for evil and for everything in between. If you’re the kind of person who always stands up for yourself and fights back if you are ever wronged, then you’re likely someone who would use magic for “evil.” People within the magic community define “evil” in different ways. Some spell casters believe that if a spell is cast on someone against their will with the intent on harming them, then it’s evil. However, others believe that if the person did something to hurt you first, then casting a spell to hurt them is only revenge and not necessarily evil. Regardless of your definition of “evil,” spells to hurt someone usually do fall within that category. If you need to exact revenge on someone or teach them a lesson, these kinds of spells could come in handy. Spell to hurt someone

Spell to hurt someone who hurt you

There is one general rule about magic that nearly everyone in the community believes in and that’s the power of karma. If you have never heard of karma, it is the belief that what you put out into the world will make its way back to you. This is the leading reason why some spell casters won’t perform any spells that use manipulation, such as spells to hurt someone who hurt you. However, if you are upset enough- and well-informed about the consequences- and choose to go ahead with a spell like this, there is a high chance that the spell will be successful if cast properly. Spell to hurt someone who hurt you

Spell to make someone realize they hurt you

Sometimes we don’t want to hurt someone, but instead make them realize that they hurt us. Luckily, there are spells that can accomplish exactly this. If you want someone to wake up and face the facts that their actions were inappropriate or hurtful, you should cast a spell to make someone realize they hurt you. This can be a type of manipulation spell, but it is much gentler than a revenge spell or curse. Spell to make someone realize they hurt you

how to cast a spell on someone who hurt you

Spell to hurt an enemy

All of us have people in our lives that we don’t get along with. Unfortunately, that’s just how life goes. However, sometimes these people that we don’t get along with take it up a level and decide to hurt us in some way or betray us- that’s what makes them enemies. Living with enemies can be extremely difficult- which is why you shouldn’t have to. If forgiveness isn’t on the table, then revenge should be. There are many spells to hurt an enemy that can send your enemy’s karma right back at them and make them leave you alone for good. Spell to hurt an enemy

Spell to hurt an ex

Most people aren’t on the best of terms with their exes. Relationships end for a reason and it isn’t usually for a good reason. However, some exes hurt us worse than others. It’s one thing if the relationship fizzled out naturally, but another thing entirely if the breakup was caused by some form of dishonesty, cheating or violence. If your breakup was caused by any of the latter reasons, you may want to seek out a spell to hurt an ex. Luckily, these spells do exist and can be extremely powerful. 

Spell to hurt an ex

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How to cast a spell on someone who hurt you

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